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All India Federation of Motor Vehicles Department
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Jharkhand RTO State Website

Jharkhand (JH) RTO Codes

JH-01 Ranchi
JH-02 Hazaribagh / Ramgarh
JH-04 (information not available)
JH-05 Jamshedpur
JH-06 Giridih
JH-07 (information not available)
JH-08 (information not available)
JH-09 Bokaro
JH-10 Dhanbad
JH-11 (information not available)
JH-12 (information not available)
JH-13 (information not available)
JH-14 Gumla
JH-15 (information not available)
JH-16 (information not available)
JH-17 (information not available)


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